Men's Ministry

Our goal for men is to grow them in the Word of God that they might be spiritually minded in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  This year we are diving into Psalms 1:1-3 for our focus and direction.  The theme this year for us men is "Planted by the River."  This will be a year of focusing on separating from the worldly desires so that we might dive into God's Word to produce fruit for His glory. 

To accomplish these goals we will be meeting together on Friday mornings at 7:30am and Thursday evenings at 7:00pm. We are studying through God's Word and using other books as tools to help explore what God has for us in His Word.  We also have monthly events to bring us closer together to serve His purpose in this community.  You can find these events on the Men's Ministry Event Board in the church on your way into the sanctuary.  

Additionally, discipleship training is an opportunity for newer Christians, or those looking to strengthen their belief in God, to undergo instruction in the faith.  With the aim of empowering Christian men who desire to revitalize their walk with God, mature Christian men will walk them through the Word of God pared with a discipleship book while providing them with guidance, encouragement, and fellowship.  Ultimately, those being discipled will walk away with a strong foundation for their faith and the ability to defend what they believe.


Men's Ministry Director

Chuck Reed